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Live News Ukraine War

The current situation in Europe, We gives you live news Ukraine war. Russia’s leaders says it a ”Special Military Operation

While Western Leader and United States says It’s an “Invasion of Ukraine“. Well we the regular civilians and soldier always have to pay the price when two leaders don’t agree in good terms. There’s is high probability that when there’s a war leaders their families are always the first concern to get security. Why can’t we just love each other.

The bible says “all leaders are chosen by God“. But you and i know the verse was put there by the leaders so as to have total control of the regular citizens like us. We know there are family who can’t survive if there’s a complete disarmament in the world. Moreover we all know that war goods manufacturers, pray hard every day for people to have issues and hate each other so you can come and buy dangerous weapon from them to kill your so call enemy.

Human’s are the most destructive animals of earth planet. we even kill just for fun. Some people hate when you try to mention world peace/

That’s because if there is world peace they wouldn’t survive. If there’s a Nuclear war, we the regular citizens would be wipe out most Leaders

and their families will get special bonkers for their safety. We need to love each other so the world be a safe place for all of us.

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