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Godfather OG For Sale

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Godfather OG For Sale

Arguably the most potent strain in the world, Godfather OG for sale is more than 34 percent THC. It is a cross among Granddaddy Purps, Cherry Pie and OG Kush.

Surprised this strain doesn’t have more reviews aha. Three good hits of this OG strand will have you feeling happy as
hell and hungry as fuck. Beginner smokers beware.
I normally don’t give out 9’s, but this is one of the best strands I ever smoked
Order godfather og weed
I have severe insomnia, and this is hands down the best sleep med I’ve experienced. Immediate rush of euphoria and
body high, leading to extreme relaxation and sleep.
I slept through an entire night for the first time in over a year. Godfather og marijuana shop.

The marijuana experience varies based on the type of cannabis that you smoke, drink or eat.

No two weed strains are the same and their effects are unique, so some types are more preferred over others. Recreational marijuana users have their lists of favorites whenever they head over to dispensaries or order online. Here are some of the most popular marijuana strains that American weed users are liking.

Marijuana strains are typically ranked according to THC content, flavor and overall effect. In fact, according to Marijuana Break, the average THC level among the most popular strains is above 15 percent, compared to just 6.4 percent in 2003.Godfather OG for sale.

This only means the tastes of weed consumers are advancing and people are looking for stronger variants, not just for medical purposes, but also to deliver a deeper level of high.

Here are five of the most popular weed strains in the country.

Dubbed “The Don of All OGs,” this strain has quite a name to live up to. A popular medical strain in Southern California, Godfather OG, like many other OG strains, is often recommended for insomnia and pain due to its sedative indica properties. The Don is a result of crossing XXX OG and Alpha OG, and there is a kushy spiciness in its scent coupled with some subtle grape notes. Godfather OG is powerful; with THC levels that have been measured as high as 28%, this strain is an offer you can’t refuse. Godather OG won 1st Place for Best Indica at the 2013 High Times Cannabis Cup in Los Angeles.

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1 OZ (OUNCE) – 28 GRAMS, 1/4 POUND -113 GRAMS, 1/2 POUND-226 GRAMS, 1 POUND – 453 GRAMS

4 reviews for Godfather OG For Sale

  1. Roger Dreab

    I felt a different feelings once i opened the package and it was what i order i was so happy thanks again

  2. Robert Rep

    I So, this is a really good service about your products thank you

  3. lummy Lennie (UK)

    touch in perfect hitting you up soon again for more

  4. Thurman D

    we got the stuff coming for more

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